Saturday, 31 July 2010

Happy 4th!

...birthday that is!

The challenge over at Caardvarks is to wish clear stamps supplier 'My Favorite Things' a Happy Fourth Birthday by making them a card.

I love the colour scheme and design of the MFT website so I took that as my inspiration. While not the most sophisticated of card efforts (I'm just learning!) (check out the wobbly cutting) I thought my idea to make four pink candles to symbolise the pink striped background design of MFT website was pure genius ;)

I used a small flower punch to make the candle flames and then sprinkled them with white glitter (local craft store special offer 4 pots of various colours 99p).

As I was making the card the four candles theme of it kept reminding me of the Two Ronnies sketch (comedy sketch not card!) which you can enjoy here.

The font used for the sentiment can be downloaded for a small cost here and is called appropriately enough simply 'Birthday'.

The card could probably have benefited from a fleuron/glyph stamped on it somewhere in black but as I'm new at this I've yet to build up a stash of stuff to use. Maybe I'll redesign it for their 5th birthday next year!

In the meantime I wish My Favorite Things a Happy 4th Birthday and a prosperous year ahead.

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