Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ancient and Modern

The Shabby Tea Room challenge for this week is Old meets New.

Since I'm quite new at cardmaking my stash isn't that old! Though I have been collecting nice bits of ribbon and paper for much longer ..and never knew quite what I was saving them for. Now I Know!

There were many contenders for the 'old' bit of the challenge. Me, for a start! Also, I almost used a button from my mother's button tin ...but it didn't quite go with the card I was creating. Although it would only have been half as old as me.

The label of oldest thing on my card is quite debatable. The background paper was created using old (circa 2003/4/5/) acrylic paints (at least the ones I could find which hadn't dried out in their tubes) and new mini-stamps from Papermania Persimmon collection. The handwritten sheet music image... in its original state however is without doubt the oldest ...indeed antique thing ...albeit printed using 'new' (not very new) technology ie a computer printer. Thanks to the Graphics Fairy for the image.

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