Sunday, 29 August 2010

Something old, something new, something metal, something blue

I always love the submissions to The Shabby Tea Room challenges as shabby is my favourite card style. Though shabby isn't mandatory I do enjoy the beautiful creations in that style!

A very interesting and different Shabby Tea Room challenge this week has generated equally talented responses.

This week's challenge was a photo of a bracelet for inspiration and to use some metal.

Mine ended up a wedding card!

I picked out the turquoise colour from the bracelet to use as the colour scheme for the card.

There are actually two lots of metal on the card. There's the obvious one you can see which is picture wire which I thought looked nice against the tulle frill.

The heart is also metal. It was originally gun metal grey and was in fact a button until I snipped the eyelet off the back of it. However, its original colour dominated the card too much so I painted it white and buffed it with some gold ink. I also added a bit of gold ink to the rose and its leaf. I want to cover the world in gold ink and glitter!

Here's a close up of the heart and rose embellishment...

The image of the bride I got from here. I cut her away from the rest of the picture using my art software and changed the colour of the trimmings on her dress to blue.

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  1. So absolutely beautiful!!! Soft, vintage ... just lovely! Thanks for sharing with us in the Tea Room :)