Sunday, 29 August 2010

A load of crepe

Oh how I love crepe paper. Which is a very different story to my memories of it from decades ago back in my childhood. We used it in a not very creative way just to cover boxes in. I can still only find it locally in a variety of garish or neon colours I have white paper and add a little colour to it with ink pads.

Now I love to use it to make frills on things.

Here's a couple of simple flowers I made with some scraps.. which I think turned out quite sweet.

A crepe rose..

I made them from a strip of crepe leftover from making the frill on this card...

I was trying to make a background paper with a damask type pattern ...but the stamp I used (perhaps a little too much!) made it look like a bunch of old skool space invaders... remember these little fellas.

I put the sentiment inside like so...

Also here's a simple card I made while just trying out stamps. The stamp is a type of flower but for some reason it reminded me of a shamrock ...especially as I had stamped it on green paper so I made it into a good luck card.
I just added a little bit of glitter to it.

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