Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cherry on top

The Shabby Tea Room's challenge this week has been all about the cherries in celebration of National Cherry Month (February).

This photo and their design team projects have provided us with some gorgeous inspiration to get our juices flowing....

I also learned a bit about cherries including that February 20th is National Cherry Pie Day in the US (check out this website for some beautiful pics of cherry pies - but warning, not when you are hungry), there are proverbs & quotes about them and that there is such a thing as Cherry Tea.

Suitably inspired, I made a tea bag envelope (similar to this design via here) and also a tea bag tag (round like a cherry!), using the colours from the photo and featuring cherries of course, for this challenge.

I tied off the end threads of the sewing at the front of the envelope to make a tiny bow with a little flower.

The cherry image is all thanks to The Graphics Fairy and I stamped the lettering ENJOY on the tag

So, take teabag out of envelope...

Pop it in a nice cup...

...and enjoy a nice cup of tea! (and a sneaky pastry)

I am amazed (though not really) at the number of people, and especially many crafters, who not only like tea but also love doing tea properly with china & teapots & beautiful table linen & flowers & tea parties. Here is a photo of my collection of cups I like to drink tea, usually Earl Grey, from.

And the cherry on top? I should say it was all the stuff I learned about cherries but in all honesty it was because I got to eat a cake with a cherry on top ...just to get in the spirit of things you understand.


  1. looove your creation for the tea room :) and stunning collection of china teacups, i love nice teacups too :) :)

  2. This is such a great idea. The yellow and red is so Spring-like. And what a treat to see your cup collection. They are beautiful! I inherited my grandpa's spone china tea cups/saucers and when we built our house I added a built-in cupboard so I can see them every day! My 10-year old boy loves tea so I've started a collection of tea cups for him too!
    Thanks so much for sharing your card and your collection with is this week in the Tea Room. I enjoyed your post so much.