Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Two little words that DO go together

Two words that DO go together are these...

I have been amazed at the number of people who both love crafting, all things floral, coloured, designed, patterned etc ...and drinking tea.

Although tea is best drunk out of fine bone china I am sorely tempted by either or both of the two mugs in the pic. But which one 'love' or 'tea'?

The beauty of these mugs for me lay in the simplicity, the words -love and tea- and the way the words are impressed in the clay...

The way the words are impressed creates the impression that someone actually took the time to actually press the word into the clay. The impression suits me fine.

I was bought a (metal type) typewriter for xmas when I was ooo about 8yrs old.... I also once worked (in the office/admin) for a printing firm that used metal (alongside modern techniques) type ..so there is something about the way these words are impressed on these mugs which evokes the memory and love for the way in which metal type impresses and, by extention, rubber or acrylic stamps impress or work on the surface of card/paper in a way which computer & printer doesn't (though I equally love the latter for different reasons & uses).

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